CAROLINA WAY(篮球教练中的领导艺术)

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《CAROLINA WAY(篮球教练中的领导艺术)》是2004年出版的一本图书,作者是Gerald D. Bell。
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Gerald D. Bell
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CAROLINA WAY(篮球教练中的领导艺术)内容介绍

The most successful coach in college basketball history, and among the most beloved, offers his comprehensive program for building and maintaining winning teams in sports, business, and life.
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The celebrated college basketball coach explains his success in 26 lessons, each followed by the perspectives of former players who express their own views of Smith's insights and strategies. Smith is a humble genius with as firm a grip on leadership and human relationships as anyone in sports. But the broader value in this work lies in the wisdom of Gerald Bell, a leadership expert and business school professor. After each chapter, his business perspectives offer uncommonly wise summaries of how Smith's lessons can be used off the basketball court. While staying connected to the theme of each lesson, Dr. Bell offers original insights on personality and group dynamics, along with compelling examples of these principles in a variety of business settings. An unforgettable lesson for leaders in all walks of life. T.W.
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Smith won more games (875) than any other coach in college-basketball history. His teams at North Carolina were characterized by unselfishness, preparedness, and basketball intelligence. It's not surprising that Smith has a few cogent thoughts to offer on the matter of leadership. He begins by explaining what leadership means to him. Then former players comment on the concept as Smith applied it during their careers. Next, he tailors his lesson to a business application. Among the topics he explores are teamwork, winning, losing, planning for the future, building confidence, and setting goals. "Successful-coach-offers-business-advice" books are a publishing staple, but too often they consist of little more than commonsense platitudes mixed with some playing-field anecdotes. Smith breaks the pattern here, thanks in large part to his understanding that business isn't basketball, and direct correlations between sport and real life are often specious. It's apparent that Smith would have found success in virtually any field he'd chosen as his life's work. Readers will sit up and pay attention because the coach has something to say.
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