Pitch Perfect

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《Pitch Perfect》是2010年Stylus Publishing出版的图书,作者是Robert Zemsky(序言)、William Tyson(作者)。
"Pitch Perfect" is a practical guide to communicating your knowledge and research to broader audiences.
书    名
Pitch Perfect
作    者
Robert Zemsky(序言),William Tyson(作者)
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$ 22.54
Stylus Publishing
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Pitch Perfect内容简介

This book is intended for scholars, researchers, and academic leaders who have a passion to share their knowledge outside their classroom, laboratory, or institution; who want to make a difference; and who believe that the information they possess and ideas they offer are important for a wider public.[1]  (原文)
How do you get yourself heard amid the volume of news and information in today's 24-hour news cycle, and get your message across in an environment where blogs and Twitters vie with traditional media? To break through, you need to amplify your ideas and make them relevant for a wider public audience.[1]  (原文)

Pitch Perfect媒体推荐

"This is a remarkable work, a how-to guide to effective media relations by a pro who has seen it all and done it all. It is a brisk, entertaining tour of a largely misunderstood world and a practical and pragmatic primer on how to flourish in it. Now, instead of talking to people about the precepts of media relations, I will simply hand them this book. It is so valuable I plan on buying many copies." -- Don Hale, Vice President for Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin "The book is terrific. It's a very clear, very concrete guide to virtually every aspect of dealing with the news media, right down to blogs and Twitters. But what struck me as most unusual - and potentially most valuable - is its pitch-perfect and lucid presentation of how journalists look at stories and sources, and the whole process. It's failure to understand that part of the equation that most often derails potentially effective efforts at communication between the academy and the media. With this book as a guide, that doesn't have to happen. Wonderful job." -- Richard Cooper, former Deputy Bureau Chief and News Editor of the Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau."

Pitch Perfect作品目录

1) Telling Your Story: Is It a Good Report If It's Not Read?;
2) How Media Works;
3) Getting Started: Keeping on Top of the News;
4) Media Strategy: Prioritizing the Media;
5) Presenting Your Story in Writing;
6) Calling Media;
7) Media Sessions;
8) Resources for Contacting Media: Media Directories and Newsstands;
9) Presenting New Research Findings;
10) When Media Calls;
11) The Media Interview;
12) Radio and Television Interviews;
13) Opinion Articles;
14) Letters to the Editor;
15) Speeches;
16) Book Promotion;
17) Web 2.0 and Beyond; Appendices.
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